Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Windshield wiper fluid container leaking?

First check and confirm the flow of leak.Is it minute drop by drop dripping or the water just drips down from the container as soon as you fill water.

If its severe leak,then washer pump and container both needs to be inspected.Its a crack in any of them.The faulty broken parts has to be replaced.

But if its a minute drip, then as far as the washer fluid leak it could be something as simple as the O-ring that goes around the water pump in the bottom of the water bottle. In order to check this the fender liner would need to be removed to gain access to the bottom of the washer bottle.

This will help you to confirm the issue.


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  2. It's best if a windshield wiper fluid Reservoir is leaking to replace the Reservoir.
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