Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1995 Toyota Camry: Engine Runs with No Power?

The Engine is 2.2L on this model.
Depending on  production in 1995  have a distributor or 2 ignition coil packs.
There are 2 possible coil set ups one is the integrated coil in the distributor and other is separate/external coil pack.

On 2.2L Engine model in this case the  plug wires come out of the distributor cap.It clears that this engine has ignition coil integrated in distributor.

Particularly These model Engines are known to have a bad coil. Pull the distributor cap and pull the rotor and the plastic shield covering the coil. If the side of the coil by the rotor shaft is discolored or has a brownish or tan color to it replace it. There is a capacitor down inside the distributor housing replace it also.
Check the epoxy finish by the button that goes to the pin in the cap they are notorious to crack across there. It will still give spark but not enough when it gets hot and under load.

See the Example Diagram shown below:----

If it looks like the little metal button pat is sticking out of the top of the coil is all corroded and Rusty. It also appears as though there is a slight crack as indicated in the circle. Underneath the shaft from the picture where the arrows are pointing is where it normally gets discolored but based on the epoxy finish it looks like this coil needs to be replaced. If you OHM test across the two terminals with the wires disconnected you need to have .4 to .6 ohms resistance from any one of those terminals to the little rusty pin in the circle you should have 11K to 18 K. ohms resistance. The oil is probably coming from the main shaft of the distributor starting to leak if it is excessive you will eventually have to replace the entire distributor assembly.

 Check the capacitor down in the housing it is going to be melted and needs to be replaced. The dealer stocks or should for about $6. Try to stay with a Toyota coil. Seen issues with after market coils.

This details will help.

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