Sunday, May 13, 2012

2003 Lexus ES300: Gears Not Shifting?

Vehicle Not Shifting Gears.

The first thing to be tried out in this cases is Turn on the car and press the brake pedal.Do you see brake lights coming ON or NOT.
When you push down on the brake pedal do the brake lights illuminate?

If no,then here is the problem.

This will not come out of Park until the shift interlock computer sees an input from the power side of the brake light switch. This could be anything from a bad brake light switch to a blown fuse for the brake lights. Check the fuse then see if you have power going to the brake light switch. If you need to get out of Park to move the vehicle you can use the shift override button just to the left of the shifter mechanism. Pop the small lid and use a screwdriver to push down on the lock override. There will be a picture of this in your owners manual.

This details will help.

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