Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2007 Toyota Camry: Water pump can be removed without removing Engine?

Mechanic tells to remove Engine to replace Water pump.
The Mechanic is Wrong.Its not required.
For Toyota Camry V6 engines,water pump can be replaced without disturbing Engine.

The original flat-rate book under the warranty guide times allowed time to remove the engine that is correct. However it is not necessary in the new labor guide times in the warranty book had been dropped to about three hours. The water pump can be removed without removing the engine. This was a correction and some flat-rate manuals do not reflect that correction.

Have your mechanic run a flat rate manual either through all data or Mitchell on the flat-rate time. It used to be close to eight hours in labor now it is only about three hours in labor.

On Previous old models it was required,but on latest newer models Engine removal is not necessary to replace water pump.

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