Friday, May 4, 2012

2000 Toyota Tacoma: Automatic Transmission Stuck up in Park Mode?

Transmission not Shifting to gears.The Shifter Stuck up in Parking mode.
Basically in this types of cases try this procedure,jiggle the shift lever several times,out of few times the shifter will get into gears.But if this procedure helped you once and again shifter getting Stuck in park mode.Then in this cases the problem is related to Brake light Switch.

For more details,i suggest you to go through this Help Summary detail:---
When this Problem occurs take notice as to whether or not the brake lights are coming on.

To understand this i suggest you to read the Gear Shift Working Procedure:----
How this system works is the brake lights or the brake light switch sends 12 V not only to the brake lights but over to the shift interlock solenoid ECU. This in turn allows the solenoid to disengage the lock mechanism for the shifter. Either the shift lock ECU is not receiving this 12 V input from the brake light switch or the shift interlock solenoid/ECU has intermittent problem which is not letting shifter to come out of Park. If it occurs and the brake lights are not coming on you need to focus on the brake light switch itself.

If the Brake lights are coming On fine then Shift interlock solenoid needs to be inspected.

This details will help.

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