Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2006 Toyota Camry: Vapor leaks in charcoal canister?

Basically in this cases you get check engine light on dash.This is indication of error codes stored in cars computer.The scanning will give you codes to look for.
In most cases you get series of codes like
P0441, P0446 and P0455.

This P0455 is a leak code and is your primary problem. The other two codes normally will set by default when there is a leak in the system. Do you have a smoke machine or any way to test for vapor leaks in the charcoal canister system?

The Procedure for Smoke test runs as follows:---
This EVAP system uses a close canister valve or CCV built into the charcoal canister itself. You will need to pinch off the rubber hose that goes up to the filler neck from this CCV otherwise smoke will come out of there then pressurize the system with the green port under the hood. Check for leaks. The most common leak was usually because of rust around the seal of the gas cap on the filler neck. I have also seen the CCV which is part of the charcoal canister seal also fail. Unfortunately you have to purchase the canister to get this valve.

This details will help.

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