Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2011 Toyota Prius: Hybrid battery cost and life,oil change details and procedure, Power mode driving, driving in flood, Reading Error codes?

Its a details for Multiple question regarding newest model 2011 Toyota Prius.

In this particular model there are Rimcaps fitted to the alloy rims.
The plastic caps are for aerodynamics and appearance.

About Oil change i will say:---
You change the oil like any other car. This is full synthetic 0w 20 oil. It uses a paper cartridge oil filter. There is a cap wrench you will need to remove the housing to change the filter and a 14 mm wrench for the drain plug. There is a plastic shield under the car that has to be remove to gain access to the plug and the filter is right near there.

About Driving in Flood and Power mode Driving :---
Never drive through flooded water. No more then a couple inches. Safety not hybrid related. Power mode continuous will not hurt anything other then gas mileage.

About Battery cost and Life:---
 The battery varies but i have customers with excess of 200k miles and not issues and I have replaced some at 150k to 180k. The retail cost of the battery is about $3000 US depending on location.

About check engine codes and Code reader:----
Most generic code readers will read engine codes. The hybrid codes requires a different reader. Just google search for the best and reliable one that fits your needs.

This details will help.

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