Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2001 Toyota Camry: No start After replacing Battery?

Common problem.
Other Control and Accessory options like radio,power windowsetc etc will also not work in some cases.

The Battery while replacing got mis-connected.You connected the battery in reverse or the other case is you jumped the car backwards with jumper wire.

This is done by many non profession car owners.Actually this mistake happens.

The wires gets connected in reverse and fuses in the fuse box gets shorted.

There are multiple fuses that are popped. You need to check them all. Inside behind the coin box and under the hood. Check the large box type fuses. The larger 100 amp ALT is known to blow and this is bolted into the fuse box it does not just pull out. The good news is that it rarely damages any computers and modules.Only fuses and relays get shorted in such cases.

If the 100/120 amp ALT fuse is popped take the plastic lid off and bend the tabs over to make them touch or use a jumper wire temporarily to power up the rest of the systems to see if it will start and for further testing and checking things. Then the fuse box has to be disassemble to get to the bolts to remove this fuse.

This details will help.

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