Sunday, May 6, 2012

2009 Toyota Highlander: Smart Key Not getting Detected?

The Smart Key should get Detected by the Cars Computer System.If its not getting detected then ignition will not let the Car to start.

First of all try this procedure to confirm whether problem is remote or key or Remote Battery.

Properly hold the key fob directly on top of the start button then push the brake pedal firmly then push the start button with the key fob still on the start button .Now see is your Hybrid car getting started or no.
If it starts,then this indicates that battery in the remote is weak./Because when you keep the Remote near to start button then it starts fine,but when remote is few meter Away from the start button,then vehicle is not sensing the remote frequency and its not starting the vehicle.
So replace Remote Battery.

There is something going on with the remote. Replace the battery and make sure it is in the right direction. By placing the remote on the switch and having it start normally means it is a battery issue. In some rare cases it can be a bad remote but the battery is the cheapest thing to try.

This details will help.

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