Friday, May 4, 2012

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Fuse Box?

The Power door locks and Power windows stopped working.
This both modules are controlled by same fuse.
The first thing in this case is to check the Fuse.
On 2004 Cherokee there are two fusebox panels.
There is a junction block containing fuses under the left lower corner of the dash, and a power distributuion center under the hood that also contains fuses.

Fuse #12 (50amp) in the under hood power distribution center supplies power to the door modules.
That #12 fuse does supply power to both modules. So check that fuse first.

In many cases its seen that wires break in the rubber convoluted boot between the driver's door and the body, so keep that in mind. Now the driver's and front passenger door contain door modules that control the windows and power locks. Both the modules getting faulty at same period is rare,so first check the fuse,but if its checked ok,then inspect the wires running from module to door locks and power window switch.

This details will help.

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