Monday, May 7, 2012

2007 Lexus GX470: All warning lights Comes ON and Clock Resets While Starting?

When the Vehicle is started every time the clock resets.It will get reset to wrong time.
Also the Warning lights VSC,TRACK OFF and SKID control lights gets illuminated on Dash Board.

The most common possibility is there are Error codes stored in Engine Computer.You will have to Retrieve the VSC codes.

That error codes will point you towards the faulty car parts causing this lights to get illuminated steady while inserting the key in ignition.

The other thing to check inspect is fuses.As you mentioned that clock resets every-time you start the vehicle.This points towards the faulty or shorted fuse causing the clock to reset.

The clock resetting is a power loss issue Check the following fuses. These are in the fuse panel on the drivers side. 7.5 A GAUGE, 10A ECU-IG, 7.5A ACC. Pick a good metal ground and put your black probe there. The use the red probe of the meter touch the back side tabs of the fuses on each side of the fuse where the metal is visible. Do you have 12V on both sides of these fuses. Or you can pull each one a visibly check to see if there is a gap in the fuse element. Under the hood in that fuse box check these. 10A ECU-B and the 10A Dome. If the dome lights work then this fuse is ok.

Getting this possibility checked wil help you to confirm the problem.

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