Sunday, May 6, 2012

1998 Toyota Camry: Tires Make Knock Rattling Noise Over Bumps?

Feels line tires are bouncing when vehicles runs over bumps.
The noise is quite loud.
The most common problem is the upper strut plates for the front struts. This makes a knock rattling type noise over the slightest bumps. Then the stabilizer links and bushing both the front and rear need checked. These are notorious to make noise. If the noise is predominately from the front it is the strut tops/support plates.

It has struts all the way around. If the noise is in the rear only it is the Rear sway bar bushings or links that are the most common. Figure$100 in labor for the bushing in the rear and about $40 for the busings. The links are about $50 after market and about $100 labor for the pair.

The parts need to be replaced there is no way to fix them. The rubber wears out and get hard with age. The strut plates are not dangers unless the rubber breaks complete loose. This is very rare. The sway bar links and bushings are not a safety issue either. The tires would have to be cupped severely to cause this. The strut plates are about $140/ piece and figure about $150 a piece in labor to change.

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