Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toyota Camry : Airbag Light Is Flashing Code 41?

As per the code provided its not related to AirBag issue.

Code 41 is for the throttle position sensor and has nothing to do with the air bag module.If the air bag light is ON,then the system is in disable mode and inoperative until repairs are made.

Basically in this types of cases You'll need to have a scan tool to access the air bag module info to troubleshoot.This one is better left for the dealer or a repair facility equipped to deal with the air bag circuit (most shops are equipped)The air bag system is very dangerous to work on unless you are qualified to do so.You don't want it exploding on you while your working on the car or worse yet while driving it.Many such cases are noticed,when task is done by newbie or non tech mechanics.

The air bag work with code 41" and the answer is NO.The air bag system goes disabled whenever the light is lit.
If the ignition switch is left in the ACC or On position while servicing the battery. This can cause the diagnostic system not to function correctly, causing a code #41 to be set. In both cases the Air Bag warning light will be on. The first step would be to check and record any codes that the Air Bag computer has in memory. The factory procedure for clearing the Air Bag computer of codes is simply disconnecting the battery ground cable for 10 seconds. Be sure the ignition is in the off/locked position! When the battery is reconnected and the ignition switch is turned on the Air Bag computer will run a system test. If all tests pass, the warning light will go out. If not the warning light will stay on. If there is a code #41 stored in the Air Bag computer it cannot be cleared by disconnecting the battery.

Here is how to proceed.When I say service wires I just mean jumper leads.

To clear code 41:

1) Connect the service wires (Jumpers)to terminals Tc and AB of the check connector (diagnostic block under hood)

2) Turn the ignition switch ACC or ON and wait approx. 6 seconds

3) Starting with the Tc terminal, apply body ground alternately to terminal Tc and terminal AB twice each in cycles of 1.0 +/- 0.5 seconds.
Finally, keep applying body ground to terminal Tc.

When alternating between body ground of terminals Tc and AB, simultaneously release one from body ground while applying it (body ground) to the other terminal. If the time interval in between is too long, code 41 will not be cleared.

4) After several seconds, when the airbag warning light starts to blink on a 64 m second cycle, cancellation is complete.
This method clears not only code 41, but also other malfunction codes all at once. Use this method only when the repair procedure is completed.
That will do it.Air bag back in service and light out.

BUT if you are not able to clear the dtc using the factory recommended procedure there is a problem with the center air bag sensor(air bag ecu) itself and it needs to be replaced.

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