Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1995 Toyota Corolla: Stalls, Sputters and Pops Through Intake Manifold?

Its a multiple problem issue.Basically check when the timing belt was replaced last.If its too old and its replacing limit is near,then inspect the belt condition.If its worn out or over stretched then it has to be replaced.

In Normal conditions anything related to the stalling or idling issue is caused by carbon buildup in the throttle body and in the idle air control motor. Remove the throttle body and clean it thoroughly with carburetor and choke cleaner along with the idle air control motor.

And For Popping through the intake usually indicates a valve timing or secondary ignition arcing in the distributor cap or in the wires causing the plugs to fire at the wrong time. Double check the distributor cap and also the camshaft timing correlation of the crankshaft to make sure the timing belt has not jump time.

Going through this details will help to confirm the problem.So you can replace the faulty part.


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