Monday, May 14, 2012

2001 Chevrolet Avalanche: Brake pedal Goes all the way to the floor?

The Brake related parts replaced but still brake pedal is very loose and will go all the way to the floor.

Try bleeding brake lines.There is still some air in the line that is causing the problem.

Try this procedure. Some time normal brake bleeding procedure don't help in getting  obtaining a solid pedal  on these trucks. Take a hose and install it over the bleeder. Run it from the bleeder into a bottle of brakes fluid. Open the bleeder, pump the brakes slowly for 5 pumps of the pedal. close the bleeder. Repeat this procedure from RR, LR, RF, then LF. One other thing to try before you do that, is have someone hold the pedal to the floor, while holding the pedal down, open each of the 2 lines at the master cylinder. If you get a shot of fluid out of those fittings, you are good to proceed to the procedure I mentioned earlier. You have to make sure you have pressure present at the master to even flow down to the calipers. Try this and see if you get a good pedal. This is the method that most garage professionals apply on these trucks.

Full the master cylinder with fluid. Pump the pedal and have someone hold it down. Open 1 of the lines at the master cylinder and allow a stream of forceful fluid to shoot out. If there are any bubbles. Repeat until good. Pump the pedal again and do that on the other line of the master.

This details will help.

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