Friday, May 25, 2012

2005 Pontiac Grand Prix: Transmission Dipstick Broken?

How to replace broken Transmission Dipstick.

If the dipstick is broken,then it cannot be repaired.It has to be replaced.Go to professional auto part store gets branded dipstick part with warranty from the store.

The new dipstick just slide into the hole where old dipstick was actually located.

Its simple.
But in some cases you will see that new dipstick is not getting in.Then wait,please reconfirm that old dipstick which is broken is completely out and its any broken part is not remaining in and blocking new dipstick to get in.

Check the condition of the o-ring and the tube for excessive paint or kinks/bends in the tube.
There really is no secret here other than it must be perfectly straight when installing it, no burrs, kinks or excessive paint and lubricating the tube helps a bit.

The tube goes into the hole.Properly see the hole that the tube goes in to.And insert the tube slowly.

It is in the lower part of the engine block just above the oil pan.Make sure all of the dipstick tube came out and it is not bent or broken off.

See the diagram shown below:---


The Image shows it going through the exhaust manifold and where it goes into the block just above the oil pan and oil level sensor. There is no adapter. It goes directly into a hole in the block. You may need a mirror to see it while the engine is in the vehicle however it is there. You should be able to see it from below the vehicle with a mirror. Look for the oil level sensor, above it and slightly towards the passenger side of the vehicle. The hole is almost vertical at approximately a 15 degree angle.

This details will help.

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