Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2007 Lexus ES350: Remote will not unlock doors or start the CAR?

This vehicle has two remotes.

The Lexus is not getting started by remote or the Remote is not operating any of the doors.

Try this procedure:----
If you put one remote outside the vehicle and hold the other remote directly on top of the start button and put your foot on the brake then push the start button with your finger slightly off to the side ,does the vehicle start every time.
Try this same procedure few times,if your car starts every time by this procedure.This means your Remote batteries are weak.
The spare battery has diminished because it does send out some signal even if it's not used.

But with this procedure car will start,but doors will not operate.The batteries are too weak.
Based on your description it sounds like you have weak batteries. The energy required to transmit the signal for the door locks is much stronger and further to go to the door lock receiver vs. the Smart Key system working when you place it right on top of the switch. If you read your owners manual it tells you that if the batteries are weak and you place the remote directly on the start button and it starts the vehicle this usually means bad batteries in the remote's. Replace both of the remotes batteries and see how things go .

You can use this procedure with no issue getting this to start a few more times by placing the remote on the start button just have your extra remote with you. You can purchase these batteries at most drugstores. If you do go to the Toyota dealer or Lexus dealer the most time set apart, will install them for you at no charge.

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