Friday, May 25, 2012

ABS and VTM-4 Warning Lights ON Dash?

While driving the Warning lights come up on dash.
The vehicle runs fine but this warning lights are coming up.

The maintenance Required light,the ABS light,The VTM-4 warning light.

In your vehicle is driving fine with no issues at all and you just notice this warning lights coming up.Then its not to worrier.
Many a times this lights comes up when vehicle gets driven on bumpy roads or after the vehicle gets jumped on a road bump.This jerks the internal cars system and this lights just comes up.

most of the time this is simply due to the rear wheels spinning at different rates of speed due to the bumpiness of the road causing one to lose total traction with the ground. The left and right rear speed sensors record the different rates of speed and turn both warning lights on as they set fault codes.

You can disconnect your battery for 10 minutes to reset the computer and turn off the warning lights, but make sure you have your 5 digit anti-theft radio code to input into the radio as disconnecting the battery will lock it.

If the warning lights again come back on, then you will need to have the ABS control module scanned for fault codes and go from there.

As to the maintenance required light coming on the going off, this could be a loose connection behind the dash for the light, but will need to be scanned for fault codes to diagnose.

This details will help.

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