Thursday, May 24, 2012

2008 KIA Optima: A/C Blower Motor Works Intermittently?

The blower motor suddenly stops working and after few days all works fine and suddenly it will stop running.

There are few things to inspect and confirm before you directly replace blower motor.

This will be due to either a loose connector at the blower motor or a dead spot in the motor.
The blower motor is located underneath the right side of the dash. If you look underneath the dash behind the glovebox you will see it.
First, try wiggling the connector to it and see if it will start working. If it does, then make sure connector is tight and no loose wires in to the connector.
If it doesnt start working, then replace the blower motor.
It is exacly 1/2 hour labor to replace it and about $120 for the part.
You can replace it yourself. Disconnect the harness connector to it, then remove the 3 screws for it and pull down and out of hvac housing. Install new on in reverse.

See below the helping diagrams shown the Removal and installation of blower motor:-----

replace blower motor

This details will help.

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