Sunday, May 6, 2012

1996 Toyota Camry: Power Window Fuse Blows Repeatedly?

Once the vehicle is started the Fuse blows out.Its replaced again n again.But the Fuse blows out.

In this cases first inspect the socket where the fuse is inserted.It it dirty or any other live or ground wire coming in contact with fuse.If its dirty there then clean that area with contact cleaner and see if that is helping.

But if this all basics are already been tried then,
Remove the boot that goes from the drivers door to the body. The wiring is known to break inside the boot and can short the system out. The connectors for the wiring is behind the left kick panel. Disconnect the connectors and pull out between the door and post. Then peel the tap and rubber boot back and check the wires. The break about half way into the boot.Inspect the wire properly,sometimes the wire break or crack is very minor.Its a slight pinched and there the problem lies.

This details will help.

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