Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1997 Toyota Avalon: Power Seat will not Move back?

The driver side power seat stuck up in forward mode and will not go back in reverse mode.
Its just got stuck.This types of problem are noticed.
First try pressing the seat reverse option and see if you can hear the motor humming noise or not.If no,then seat motor is faulty.But if you hear motor running noise,but seat is not going back,then its obstruction some where.

The seat drive screw mechanism is stuck against the drive motor gear. Unbolt the seat and tip it back. Some have a 10 mm nut on the end of the drive screw on the track that you can put a socket on to unstick the gear if not use a pair of vise grips to get a hold of the drive screw and force it in the reverse direction as you active the motor. This normally will unstick the motor/screw. The seat bolts are 14mm and are tough to get to on the front but can be done. You probably do not need to replace it and if you found one they are probably $600 +.

In most of such cases the Seat stuck up forward problem gets resolved by this procedure.

This will help.

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