Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wrench Light and Emission Light ON Dash?

Warning light with Wrench indicator is ON.Also Emission control warning light is ON.

Basically this illuminate when there is error code stored in vehicles computer,
To know what the exact problem is or what is the reason for this lights to come up ON dash.The Computer needs to be scanned by OBD scan tool.

Mostly the check engine light only comes on when the onboard computer detects a fault in either the engine management system, transmission, or emission control system. Faults can range from vacuum leak, engine misfire, transmission problem, emission control leak, one of dozens of engine or transmission sensors, or even internal engine or transmission failure.
There are over 800 fault codes that can cause the check engine light to come on.
And not every one has symptoms you can feel or see or hear.

The only way to determine which of the over 800 faults is responsible is to have the onboard computer read with a diagnostic scanner. once this is done and the fault code retreived then pinpoint diagnosis can be done and repair done.

Because the emission light is also on, this narrows it down to about 150-200 fault codes, which is still too many for anyone to guess at.

You can try tightening your gas cap and see if the lights go off. If they do not, then you will absolutely need to have the onboard computer scanned for fault codes in order to know the area of concern and proceed from there.

This details will help.

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