Monday, May 21, 2012

2005 Toyota Camry: AC will not Turn ON?

A/C not coming on and A?C power also not coming up.
The compressor not turning ON.
In this cases first of check the Magnetic relay.

Put a gauge on the low side and jump the terminals at the magnetic relay to turn the compressor on.If it turns ON,then magnetic relay is faulty.To confirm the relay issue before buying new relay. Try swapping horn relay with Magnetic relay and see the difference.Pull the horn relay out and stick it in place of the magnetic clutch relay to see if that makes any difference.

This Car model System has Manual AC controls.
If the magnetic relay is checked and inspected ok,then other possibility can be faulty Control panel itself.
But before that check the Fuses that controls the A/c system.

In the fuse box under the hood that has the magnetic clutch relay in it you will find four fuses three of which are for the headlight system and one is a 10 amp AC fuse Check this 10 amp ACC fuse is good and does it have 12 V to it. This fuse is the main power supply to the control unit for the light in the switch and the functions of the air-conditioning system in this panel.

Also double checked the 10 amp ECU – B fuse in the left side of the instrument panel. This is another main power supply to the control unit.

If All fuses checked out then, the next step is going to be doing pin by pin voltage tests and resistance checks at the connectors at the back of the control unit.
We know the fuses are good but you have to confirm that the 12 V are getting to the pins at the back the control panel and the control panel itself has the specific ground path with no resistance. If you have power inputs to the back of the panel and your grounds check good then the panel is no good.
The control panel is white module located between the glove box and the center dash components.

If the pin out voltage is also checked ok and all connectors back of control panel looks intact then problem is with AC Amplifier.
It has to be tested and replaced.

This details will help.

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