Sunday, May 13, 2012

2001 Toyota Corolla: Water Temperature Sensor Wire Details?

Water temp sensor testing details.
The Pin out details for water temp sensor.

The newer 2001 has 2 wire sensor :----
At the EFI water temperature sensor the white wire is the voltage wire from the engine control computer. This should be a 5 V reference signal when disconnected. When is connected it goes through to the Brown wire and on the ground. As the resistance in the sensor changes the voltage on this white wire will drop. Fully warmed up it should read about .5 V a cold engine generally will be around 3.25 V.

Also on older model 2001 Toyota's the There are three wires connecting to the water temp sensor. Like  brown, white and third is yellow with a green trace.

EFI water temperature sensor and coolant temperature sensor for the gauge unit are in the same sensor and it is in fact the three wire sensor. The later models did away with the sensor for the gauge unit and strictly use the EFI water temperature sensor which is a two wire sensor. Previously to this the sensors or two separate sensors a single wire sensor and a dual wire EFI temp sensor.

Here are the specifications for this sensor. The pin that goes to the yellow wire with a green tracer is as follows and is pin three: resistance is checked by probing this pin in any good ground.
3-GROUND : Approx. 160- 240 W (50°C, 122°F)
Approx. 17.1- 21.2 W (120°C, 288°F)

Pins number one and two which are the white wire to Brown wire pins and is a through type resistor is as follows:
1-2 : Approx. 14.96 kW (-20 °C, -4 °F)
Approx. 5.65 kW ( 0°C, 32°F)
Approx. 2.44 kW (20°C, 68°F)
Approx. 0.3143 kW (80°C, 176°F)

This details will help.

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