Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2000 Toyota Avalon: No heat on Passenger Side?

Heater is blowing only through drivers side,but passenger side is not getting heat.Its absolutely cold.

2000 Toyota Avalon Model has dual controls to control heat and cold for left and right sides.

In this case first make sure the cable and lever are moving for that blend door on the passenger side on the side of the air box.
If its not moving then remove the control panel.But if both cable and lever are moving then,no need to remove control panel.
If the heater control panel is operating normally and the levers on the side are working there is no need to pull the panel. This is going to be a heater core issue. This uses a vertical tube heater core. As debris collects it restricts the right side of the core first ie no heat on the passenger side.
 The core can usually be cleaned if removed and back flushed with hot water and tap on the core to dislodge the debris. Then you can feel the heat on the right side of the core.

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