Thursday, May 10, 2012

2003 Toyota Prado Diesel Engine: Transmission Fluid Refill?

How to Replace Transmission Fluid on Toyota Prado.
This is Diesel Engine and it has Auto transmission.

On this model vehicle the transmission has the standard dipstick tube and drain plug.
You have to Remove the drain plug.Once the drain plug is removed and it uses a 14 mm wrench, reinstall making sure the gasket did not get dislodged. Then simply fill the transmission through the dipstick tube. Look at the identification on the end of the dipstick. It will identify the fluid type. It should be type T-IV. A drain and fill usually will take about 3 quarts sometimes 4 quarts depending on how long you leave it drip drain. Most professional mechanics normally install 2.5 quarts,then  start the vehicle then check the fluid level on the dipstick. There are two sets of marks on the dipstick one for cold which is shortly after the engine is started and one slightly higher on the dipstick for warm when the transmission is to full operating temperature or hot.

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