Monday, May 14, 2012

1984 Chevy :Brake pedal loose?

Brake pedal going all the way to floor.In this cases first check the brake fluid if its low,then fill the fluid till its required level.
If there is air in the brake line it will cause the problem.
But on this old model Chevy Trucks its seen that Master Cylinder goes cracked and leaks the fluid.

Yes it will leak internally into the power brake booster this is what needs to be checked to fix this issue.

The problem is the brake mater cylinder has failed and thats whats leaking fluid and causing the pedal to go to the floor.The master cylinder will need to be replaced to fix this issue and all 4 wheels bled to fix this issue .The Repair cost will be About $300 at a shop almost double $500 at the dealer .This is the next step to fix this issue.

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