Thursday, May 10, 2012

2003 Toyota Landcruiser: Clunk noise when transmission engages?

The bad Clunk noise from transmission or When transmission is Engaged.
The first thing to be checked is transmission fluid. Check the fluid level and confirm.If its low,get the tranny fluid filled to required mark.

Other then this

The two most common problems that will create this clunk when engaging the transmission would be excessive free play or backlash on the pinion drive gear and reindeer in the rear differential.
The second problem is usually related to the slip joint in the driveshaft or possibly the drive shaft you joints themselves.
To confirm this issue roll under the vehicle and inspect these items were excessive free play make sure you block the wheels before shifting into neutral. Read the driveshaft and check for excessive free play or rotation left to right against the drive pinion in the differential. Then inspect all of the you joints to see if there's any free play or rust and excessive wear.

Properly check the free play in the slip yoke/slip joint in the driveshaft.
Also check the free play/backlash of the pinion shaft in other words if you have the vehicle on the ground and the transmission in neutral , see how much movement is in the driveshaft where it is attached to the differential.
 This would be the pinion shaft going into the differential and how much clearance there is between the pinion drive gear and the differential ring gear.

In case of buying parts,i suggest you to buy original parts from dealership.

It is unlikely that you will find anyplace other than the dealership if there is an issue in the driveshaft assembly slip yoke or in the differential.

This details will help.

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