Thursday, May 10, 2012

2009 Toyota Prius: Both Front and Back indicator lights Flashing?

When turn signal is applied for left or right turn ,all 4 indicator lights starts flashing.
Its no difference while turning left or right, every-time this 4 lights starts flashing.

All of them; inside dash, AND front and back both sides.In common you can say Hazard light comes ON.

Basic testing/ inspection is required.

This could be something as simple as a shorted turn signal filament bulb in one of the sockets. Have you replaced all four external turn signal bulbs? If they are check OK or already been replaced and tested good then the turn signal switch is the other possibility that could be causing this unless you have an internal failure in the center junction block near the combination meter. This junction block is where the signals go from the turn signal switch and from the hazard switch. If there some type of feedback between the two circuits it could be causing the body ECU to turn the four way flasher unit on instead of the turn signal.

Getting this details checked will help.

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