Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2004 Toyota Avensis: Acceleration And Deceleration makes noise on Front End?

The Front End Noise.The noise is heard while Accelerating and decelerating .

The Toyota Avensis is united kingdom car model.In USA there is Toyota corolla with same model.
The Avensis and Corolla both has Manual Transmission gearbox.

First try this.Check the intensity or difference of noise in each gear while driving.
If you notice that noise is same and is present in all gears.Then this clears that gearbox itself is not the issue.

But this is common problem.Its called Transmission and Differential problem.

The transmission and differential are combined in the same unit. The trans axle as they call it. If the differential portion of the trans axle is going bad this makes noise on acceleration and deceleration. The transmission portion that gives you the gear ratio or shifts has bearing also. This can go bad and cause the noise. The Corolla  in the USA is very similar and the manual trans has had bearing issues. Its worth to get this parts inspected checked. Also the gear oil and the drain plug would have debris on it if it is a bearing going bad.

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