Friday, May 4, 2012

2007 Toyota Tacoma: Drum brakes and Brake Shoes Removal?

Replacing Drum brakes and Brake Shoes on Tacoma Prerunner model.
The drum brakes are into the HUB.The Brakes gets apart from the HUB.
The procedure to perform this task is as follows:----
If the drums are frozen on you will see two small threaded holes use two bolts 8mm by 1.25 mm thread pitch. Run these bolts into these two holes applying pressure to force the drum loose from the hub. At the same time use a hammer to bang on the face of the drum between the wheel studs. This should crack the drum loose of its frozen to the hub. Once it breaks loose provided there is no rust Ridge on the backside of the drum the drum should slide off the brake shoes relatively easy. If it breaks loose and will not release over the brake shoes you may need to adjust the brake shoes down in order for the shoes to clear the edge of rust on the drum. At this point then it simply a matter of removing the brake springs retainer clips and reinstalling the brake shoes. Remove one side at a time so that you can use the other side as a reference.

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