Monday, May 21, 2012

1991 Toyota Trecel: Engine Starts fine but dies when gets Warm?

The Engine gets full fuel flow while start up,but once the engine gets warm,it dies and stalling is noticed.
In such cases you will see that vehicle will start when throttle feathering is done.But this is temporary source.
First of all see if you get steady check engine light on dash or not.If yes, then get the error codes scanned to troubleshoot the problem.
But if no check engine light coming up and no codes are getting retrieved then in that case the possibility is there that the manifold absolute pressure or map sensor is either damaged out of range or the vacuum hoses leaking going to it. Check this hose and the map sensor voltage at the center pin and make sure it is fluctuating as you apply vacuum to the sensor itself.

The center wire which is the signal input wire to the computer from the map sensor if back probe should have 3.3 up to 3.9 V with the key in the on position as you apply vacuum this voltage should drop down smoothly and evenly. If the voltage remains too high you will run the system extremely rich this can be due to a bad sensor or a leaking vacuum hose going to the intake manifold.

This is most possible cause in this problem.
other possibilities can be faulty ignition coil, fuel pressure regulator, fuel pump, throttle position sensor.

This details will help.

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