Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Worth to Fix Diesel Engine Cylinder head?

It all depends on how the Cylinder head got Damaged.
The Vehicle is Toyota Hilux old 1990 model.
Its 2.8L Diesel Moldel.
The Engine is 3.0L.

The miles on vehicle is below 230000 KM.

In most cases its seen that Cylinder head gets cracked due to overheat.

The water pump fails and Engine gets overheated,this causes cracks in cylinder head,.
If its just 3 to 4 cracks,and that too minor.
Then its worth to fix.

That is not allot of miles for a diesel. Provided it did not get so hot that it damaged the cylinder walls or collapsed the piston rings it should be worth fixing by replacing a cylinder head. Provided you can get a good price on it. May main concern would be the piston rings. Over heating is the hardest on them and there is no way to know them amount or extent of the damage with out pulling the pistons.

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