Monday, May 21, 2012

2003 Toyota Camry: OBD Code P0037?

This is a 4Cylinder Vehicle.
In such cases you also get other error code like P0136.

The Error code P0037 means that the heater element in the oxygen sensor is below threshold and is not pulling enough current. Typically this means the heater element in the sensor is bad. The computer monitors the current flow through the heater element as the vehicle is started. If It is not within the proper amperage threshold it flags this code. The other code will follow due to the slow performance or response time of the oxygen sensor because the heater is not working. Please dont use Bosch oxygen sensors.They are good but  They do not work well on Toyotas. You need to remove the oxygen sensor and ohm test the heater element in the sensor. Ideally you need to buy a DENSO oxygen sensor. In a few rare cases I have seen where the oxygen sensor will actually burnout the driver in the computer that controls the ground path for the heater element in the oxygen sensor. To confirm this you need to ohm test this sensor.

On a Bosch sensor not sure the color coding of the wires of the actual sensor but on a DENSO there are two black wires a white wire any blue wire that come from the sensor to the connector. The two black wires are the heater circuit. Bank one sensor two is the sensor that is after the catalytic converter/manifold assembly.

You can do ohm testing with the sensor installed you just have to disconnect the electrical connector and place your ohmmeter across the two pins that correspond with the heater circuit which should be the two black wires if Bosch uses the two black wires.

The Ohm reading  should be .9 ohms up to and no more than 1.2 ohms resistance.

This details will help.

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