Thursday, May 10, 2012

2002 Toyota Prius: A/C Green Light Blinking?

The A/C functions and runs for few minutes then Stops blowing cold air and Green light starts flashing.

The Compressor in this Car model Gets operated by Magnetic clutch.

The A/C light flashes because the Magnetic clutch is not spinning the compressor when it is commanded to. This can be anything from a bad relay to a wiring issue.
Or it can also be faulty Compressor or Magnetic clutch itself.In some cases it was faulty relay.

Swap the CLR MG relay with the horn relay and see if the problem goes away.
If it goes away then relay is the issue.But if problem is same as before then by pass the relay and give direct 12 volt to clutch and see if the compressor operates fine.If it operates then its short or loose wiring.But if compressor still not operating as required,then its faulty/ weak compressor.Should be tested by professor CAR AC repair tech before replacing.

This details will help.

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