Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Toyota Hilux SR5: Immobilizer override and bypass?

The immobilizer from Toyota is the most secure on the market right now. They are virtually impossible to override and bypass. Nothing extra needs to be added.They just can be replaced when gets faulty and this is done by dealer only.

YES the after market Immobilizer system can be bypassed or override.
Just confirm one thing that while getting new immobilizer key is equipped with the immobilizer.

BUT beware:---
Thieves are very creative these days I suppose somebody out there has some technology that does random immobilizer code electronic searches however this equipment would be very expensive. To my knowledge I've never heard of such a device that would allow somebody to program and immobilizer key specific to your car. Toyota has spent millions making sure the system is pretty much impossible to hack. I suppose the most quickest a visible deterrent would be a steering wheel club or lock. However if somebody wanted to get by that they just cut steering wheel and remove it. I am not a fan of aftermarket security systems. They have too many issues and would be easier to bypass than the immobilizer system built into the car.

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