Friday, May 25, 2012

1997 Ford Taurus: Cylinder misfires?

The misfire problem is noticed on many vehicles.

Basically in this cases the vehicle runs rough at low RPM,but drives fine at Higher RPM above 2500.

The basics needs to be checked first for misfire problem.

Plug wires,PCV valve,air filter,fuel filter etc.

When there is Misfire,in most cases the check engine light comes on.Get the Error code scanned and that will tell which cylinder is misfiring.

Suppose It shows Cylinder 5 misfire then inspect Cylinder 5.

Having spark to a cylinder doesnt mean that it has good compression.

If you have an ohmmeter, disconnect the harness connector to the #5 fuel injector and on injector, check resistance between its terminals. It should be 11-18ohms. If outside that range, replace the injector.

If ok, then it is likely that compression is low. You can rent a compression gage and test yourself to confirm

Many a times this problem is cause due to plug wire or injector harness connector loose.

If compression is low, then a wet test is done on compression to determine cause. Pour 1-2ounces of engine oil into spark plug tube into cylinder, then redo compression test. If compression comes up, then it is piston rings. If compression stays low, then it is the valves, which is the suspect in many cases.

Getting this possibilities checked will help.

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