Friday, May 4, 2012

1987 Toyota Camry: RPM Drops going Up hills?

The Vehicle is Very old,on that basic it indicates that engine has run too many miles.
First thing to inspect in this cases is Transmission fluid.In most cases it will be Burnt fluid.

Another thing to inspect and See is,
Does the engine RPM appear to over rev and the vehicle slows down while pulling longer hills?
Basically Shifting out of overdrive and having the RPM rise up to maintain your speed on is considered normal.
If you notice RPM drops To much Per hours then its problem.

It should not drop that many miles per hour. This may not be a transmission slipping issue if the RPM is not racing up high that would indicate the clutches and transmission are slipping. It could just be having a loss of power or performance due to the multiple of things. Given the mileage it could be fuel starvation due to a restricted fuel filter that has not been changed or one of the most common problems is the ignition coil located in the distributor. These ignition coils are notorious for going bad and causes a severe loss of power under load. If you remove the distributor cap and inspect the coil it may be cracked or have white chalk burn marks on the side of it.

If you Notice the oil getting collected/settled in distributor then also its a problem.
The oil can contribute and usually will cause the bottom side of the ignition coil the short to ground if the resistance in the distributor cap and wires gets too high.If you're ignition coil is discolored and cracks have appeared in the epoxy surface by the secondary post,if yes then its a problem.

Also one more thing to be inspected and Checked is Blocked Fuel filter.

This details will help.

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