Monday, May 21, 2012

2006 Toyota Camry: Power Door Locks Not Working?

The Doors get locked or unlocked by Key,if you do it manually.But this whole procedure will not get operated by remote.The power door locks not operating.

The car starts and runs fine,no issue with that.

In this case first try replacing the Batteries in the remote.The battery tends to go weak or faulty and this causes no remote operation.But if batteries are already been replaced or even after replacing the battery the problem is same.
Then there are two possibilities that can cause this problem.Either faulty remote itself or its a issue with Door lock receiver.

The door control receiver is located behind the right rear inner quarter panel plastic trim or the remote some how has become unregister with the receiver.
But this can be checked / inspected and tested by dealer or at Professional service centers.They have additional spares with them to test and confirm the issue.

This will help.

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