Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2002 Toyota Tacoma: Replace Noisy Center Driveline Support Bearing?

Before replacing the central bearing.Confirm the problem.
To do this try the procedure below:---
Car on jack stands, run on 30 mph.
Now listen too driveline while at speeds above 30mph on jacks.
If the central bearing is worn out,you will hear rattling noise while accelerator is engaged/disengaged and at speeds over about 30mph.

If yes then replace the Central bearing.

Based on your description it does sound like the center bearing could be bad. It is not recommended or it is virtually impossible to do anything with this bearing but replace it. The Entire driveshaft assembly needs to be removed then the two halves separated once that is done there is a flange that has to be unbolted and slides off. This that will allow the carrier bearing to come off the end of the shaft of the driveshaft.

Most professional mechs do normally take it off at the diff then the center bearing support the unbolt from the transmission and lower down. Once out then split the flange bolts to gain access to the large nut that holds the flange on and the bearing.
The center bearing should slide off the end of the driveshaft once the flange is removed. The only thing it would stop it is if there is excessive rust or corrosion. It normally does not require a press.

This details will help.

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