Sunday, May 13, 2012

2005 Toyota Prius: Hybrid warning Light ON?

This is indication of System stored error codes.To confirm what the problem is retrieve the error codes.

This could mean anything from a engine control system malfunction to a malfunction in the hybrid control system. Without knowing the code numbers it is difficult to say for certain.
Try this basic reset procedure:----
Pull over to a safe spot and shut the system off. Wait for 5 min. then power the system backup does the ready light come on with the warning lights turned off? If they are still on try powering down the system one more time and restarting. At that point depress the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor for about 2 seconds to confirm whether the engine will start and run. If the engine will not start run,then you will eventually run the hybrid battery down and will need to be towed. If you go past a nearby AutoZone or similar parts store in most states they do free engine code reads. They will be able to access malfunction codes in the engine control computer but not the hybrid system. The engine control computer may give you enough information to troubleshoot further. Provided the gasoline engine continues to run and start up should be able to drive this another 25 miles or so.

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