Sunday, May 6, 2012

Car DVD System Keeps Saying LOADING?

This problem is not a common problem,but noticed and seen on many car brands.The DVD player Display just says Loading on display and nothing more starts.
There is really only one option short of taking the unit out and sending in for repairs and you have tried the cleaning route and other DVD's. Sometimes if you remove the negative battery cable and clear all the systems memories then reinstall and try to load a movie it may work. Other wise the unit is going to need to be sent out. I would try a different dvd. The down side to this is the clock and radio will need reset.. If the disc goes in and the unit is lighting up this is not a power and ground issue. It is something internal.In most cases its a weak DVD [player lens or its a Dirty Lens.
The Lens is the EYE of the Dvd player.The CD/ DVD disc gets read by this eye.If the eye lens gets dirty,it can be cleaned by getting the unit serviced.But if the EYE lens is got weak or cracked,replacing the DVD player unit is much Advisable.

In many cases its seen that metallic objects line nails or clips gets stuck up in the unit and this causes the problem.In some cases coins are seen in the DD player.So check out for this obstructing objects too.

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