Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid: Yellow Check Engine Light ON dash?

The Yellow Light with a little picture of the engine with the word check below.
That is in fact the check engine light. Most auto-parts stores in most states do free engine code reads. If you can get to a nearby auto-parts store and have them do a free code read, with this malfunction code number ,that will help you to troubleshoot this problem further.
Provided the check engine light has not started to flash and there's no loss of power then most of the time check engine light illumination is due to in emissions related failure. This could be anything from a loose gas cap to some type of leak in the evaporative emission system. The maintenance soon warning can be reset once you have the oil change done. That is a simple procedure and even outlined in your owners manual. Most or all repair facility should be resetting this warning light once your oil change is completed. It comes on every 5000 miles to remind you to change the oil.

This details will help.

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