Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Car dead and will not Start?

The car is running fine,and suddenly next day it will not start and no crank at all.
First try this basics to confirm the problem.
When you turn the key to the start position do you hear any click or clunk noise at all? Have somebody listen under the hood near the air filter and fuse box area.
While doing this with the headlights in the on position do the headlights dim or go out and do the interior dashboard lights appear to illuminate normally?

This will help you to determine whether not you have a current flow problem from the battery to the starter or whether you have an issue in the starter itself. If you turn the key to the start position and you hear the starter relay engage or the starter try to engage yet not turn the engine over it could be something with the battery or the battery connections. Have you attempted a jumpstart? If not,then i suggest to do it.
Do connect jumper connections wrong.Do it correctly.

Try jumpstart and allow the vehicle to run for a longer period of time or put the battery on a charger so that we can rule out that the battery has not been run down too far. Also double check the cable connections for corrosion. Once the battery is fully charged run the same test that I mentioned above and see if the vehicle starts or makes any noise. A battery generally will not cause the vehicle to stop running in traffic. Normally this can only happen if there is a malfunction in the engine control system or if the alternator for some reason has stopped charging and the battery runs totally dead then the car will quit. You need to reconfirm that the alternator output is in fact good and ideally it would be good to know if there any malfunction codes set in the engine control computer. You can purchase a generic code reader these days for about $60.

This details will help.

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