Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1995 Lexus LS400: Timing Marks for installing Timing Belt?

Many a times the timing belt cracks or timing belt is removed without marking its original position.At this time while installing new timing belt,the problem starts.The installing gets tough.So always note down the timing belt position before removing old belt.

Below is the timing belt installing procedure,
The crankshaft is set at 0° on the timing skill on the front cover. You can easily reinstall the plastic cover temporarily if it's already off and slide the Pulley on to make sure you're at 0° most of these have a Mark on the back side of the crankshaft pulley drive gear and the oil pump aluminum housing. If you place this engine at 0° top dead center and you do not see these marks on the pulleys turn the engine over 360° and should bring the marks exactly lined up on the backing plates when you're at 0° TDC. Before removing the belt I always Mark the belt with a white paint Mark at each camshaft pulley Mark then at the crankshaft dot or Mark on the front of the face the Pulley. If you're using a Lexus belt it will have the marks painted onto the belt for the crankshaft and camshaft marks. Make sure the belt is placed on the pulleys in the right direction the arrow should be towards the front of the car.

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