Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2006 Toyota RAV4 Sport: Gas Tank is Full But it Shows Half?

The Fuel is filling in the Tank.The Tank is Full,but on Gauge it registers Half Full.

There are two possible things going on here.
The first one being the tank never got filled all the way because the shut off lever on the gas station fill nozzle sensed pressure because the tank was not venting properly as you were filling up. This would cause the gauge to read the actual amount in the vehicle. It is extremely unusual to see anything going on with the fuel gauge or the sending unit itself.
The second possibility is the fuel gauge has not registered the amount of fuel in the tank within the 5 miles that you have driven. The only recommendation I can give you short of having the dealership run some diagnostic tests on the fuel gauge and the sending unit would be to return to a fuel station and try and fill the vehicle up to ensure that the tank is full and not just shutting off because of back pressure due to the onboard vapor recovery system not venting the fuel pressure vapors as your filling.

Basically you have to Drive 2 miles,before filling the gas Tank.
But If you are 100% certain that the tank is full and you're still only reading one half of the tank full and you give it enough time for the gauge to re register the new or full amount then something's going on with the sending unit or the gauge unit in the instrument panel. The weakest link would be the gauge unit in the fuel tank itself. Most dealerships charge approximately 1 hour labor to do a preliminary diagnosis on this electrical system. I would give it another day of driving before you take it in to have it looked at.

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