Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1998 Toyota LandCruiser: Driver Door will not lock or unlock with Key or Remote?

All other doors work perfectly.But drivers side door will not lock or unlock with key or from Remote.

 The lock control knob is difficult to move to the lock and unlock position from the inside OR outside of the door i.e. there is extreme resistance or appears to be frozen.

The key does not move freely. Lock control knob is the same. Both move a bit towards the lock position, less to the unlock.

The temporary option in this case to unlock door is ,doing it manually.
Further down, in the door you will  feel a small lever and it can be nudged with a finger towards lock, but needs some pressure to move towards unlock.

But every-time doing this is frustrating.

Based on your description there are only one of two things happening here. The first being the lever mechanism on the actual lock assembly itself is binding up that goes from the lock knob to the a lock assembly in the door. The second option is the electric drive motor is binding or frozen up. The latter is probably what's going on. This would explain why it does not work when you use the remote to lock and unlock the doors or using the key in the passenger door to unlock and lock the doors. At this point your best bet is to just remove the latch assembly from inside the door that way you can verify the lock/pivot arm being frozen or if the actual lock motor itself will not actuate when powered up.

The only way to know for certain is to remove the lock motor and door lock assembly itself. Then if you apply power and grounds to the actuator motor you will be able to determine if the motor is frozen or binding or if it is the pivot that the motor actually has to turn or move.Try and salvage everything that you can. Sometimes you can free up the motor you won't know until you start to disassemble it.

This basic details will help.

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