Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2001Lexus RX300: OBD Code P1150?

The Error Code P1150 is the indication to check Fuel Ratio Sensor.

The P1150 means there is a range/performance problem with the air fuel ratio sensor for bank two. This code refers to specifically B2 S1. The good news is this is the easier of the two sensors to replace. This one is located in the exhaust manifold by the radiator. There is one electrical connector and the sensor screws into the manifold. You can purchase the sensors in the aftermarket but use only a DENSO brand sensor. If you break the AFR sensor loose and it appears to get really tight All of a sudden do not force it. At this point stop get some brake fluid, yes I mean brake fluid, and apply it to the base of the sensor and a small portion of thread sticking out on the manifold. Let it set for about 5 min. then work the sensor back and forth and it will come right out. When the check engine light illuminates the other warning lights come on by default. Once you have the sensor replaced you can remove the negative battery cable to erase the memory all the systems in then you should be good to go. 90% the time this code can be directly attributed to a bad sensor. There are few cases if there other codes listed, for example a lean condition code. This sensor could still be good.

Please note that Correct Ratio for this Sensor is as below:---

DENSO(NNN) NNN-NNNNFuel To Air Ratio Sensor

This details will help.

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