Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1999 Toyota Camry: Erratic stalling and high engine RPM at idle?

The Engine stalls after brakes are applied.In some cases the Car dies.Sometimes car is going to rev up at a stop or just die at a stop.
This all are sudden problems.

This irregular problem makes troubleshooting bit difficult.
Because at one moment the car is running absolutely fine and then suddenly next the problem starts.But goes away after some time.

But this problem is noticed by others too.

Based on your description it sounds like the idle air control motor or IAC is sticking. This can cause very erratic and high or low idle depending on what position it sticks in. This IAC is a duty cycle Rotary valve that the computer controls to set the idle. When carbon gets built up in this valve it will stick very erratically. This is the first place to start. The throttle body has to be removed then the idle air control valve removed from the bottom of the throttle body and cleaned thoroughly with carburetor and choke cleaner. The throttle plate and bore also need to be cleaned within the throttle body itself.

Normally when you start push 200,000 miles and if the fuel filter has not been replaced it is probably a good idea to replace the filter. However this would be more maintenance oriented for replacement. The fuel filter generally will not cause this type of erratic behavior of stalling and high engine RPM at idle. If you get this problem to get repaired at Auto garages or dealership then,Most dealerships will not want to clean the idle air control motor. They will want to sell you a new idle air control motor they are about $125 I generally recommend trying to clean them first it doesn't work then you're only out the small amount of time it takes to do the job and not the $125 for the parts. If you get the idle air control motor off and it looks scored or damaged then you know that you need to replace it.

This details will help.

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