Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2000 Toyota: Brake Assist Problem?

After the vehicle sits overnight,the brake assist operates for few minutes.

The same problem starts again.

The issue can be with faulty brake power booster,or its faulty master cylinder,in some cases this problem was related to low brake fluid,or it can be air in brake lines.
Bleed the brake lines.

This most possible basics are to be checked inspected first.
But if all this most possible to be fault possibilities are checked OK,then refer further troubleshooting below:--

Basically in this types of cases the brakes perform/ function well when engine and other components are cold,and problem starts later when hoses and other components gets warm/ hot.

When the problem occurs,check for vacuum at the brake booster.There should be Vacuum,if there is No vacuum there is a problem.

Confirm the vacuum feed system to the booster to try and determine why there is no vacuum there.

When you are checking for vacuum are you pulling the hose off of the check valve at the booster? Are you disconnecting the hose from the nipple at the intake manifold and is there vacuum at this nipple on the intake manifold? If there is no vacuum,then this confirms that vacuum is getting lost/ leaked some where.

It is critical to find out where the vacuum is being lost. This is why the booster is becoming difficult to push the brake master cylinder down. It is possible that one of the rubber hoses has a leak or is collapsing under the weight of the vacuum pressure. Inspect the lines and the intake source at the intake manifold. This is the only way the vacuum assist to the booster can be getting lost. This in turn will cause the booster to not work and give you a very difficult time braking.

Why the Brake system works few minutes,then vacuum gets lost?
It could be because the vacuum hoses become softer due to the heat in the engine compartment if it is related to the vacuum hoses. This could be due to collapse or a small leak or crack in the holes or clamp attachments. Or the one way check valve at the brake booster itself could be bad. If the brake booster is replace and new booster did not come with the check valve it needs to be inspected.

This details will help.

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